Daruma Voice Guide

The simplicity and the user-friendliness of the DARUMA VOICE GUIDE multimedia guide enabling attractive multimedia presentations with video and audio spots make it a perfect tool for transferring useful information to the visitors of the region, cities and towns, castles and chateaus, museums and many other landmarks.

The most current cartographical works, original drawings, newest photographs and graphics , together with presentational video spots or audio spots, are designed to create a comprehensive and modern presentation for  the client right “in the street”.

The cooperation in the creation of the script and the contents of the DARUMA VOICE GUIDE audio or multimedia guide is traditionally well organised and the common goal is to provide the tourists and visitors of the city with a broad and simultaneously high-quality, official and guaranteed spectrum of information in strategic places and in a very interesting way.

We try to offer quick orientation to  the area, present cultural historical sites, introduce those interested to the present and the past of the site and invite them to see the sights.

Our goal is to offer such products that cannot compete with live commented tours but are able to introduce and interpret exhibits to a lay audience as well as various target groups of visitors.


The magic of presentation on DARUMA CITY MULTIMEDIA multimedia information panels consists in the great choice of busy urban places, pedestrian zones and squares where the panels are located. In those places, there are no billboards, city lights or other free standing advertisement frames. The only promotional medium available in such places is the multimedia information panel.

The simplicity and the user-friendliness of the DARUMA CITY MULTIMEDIA multimedia information panel, an attractive multimedia presentation with video and audio spots, and its professional realisation are designed to present products and services in an innovative way, offer convincing information, and guide a potential client in the right direction. The depth of the information and promotional message is determined by the customer on the basis of what materials for the manufacturing of their dynamic video presentation the client submits. Also the natural tendency of a customer to propagate their own promotional work may achieve its maximum potential. The content of the presentation video spot then becomes emotive, more personal and even more convincing.

With the use of QR codes (quick response codes), numerous variations of information provision are offered. The advantage of QR codes consists particularly in the fact that after the code has been obtained, the user is directed straight to a webpage of the company website (e-shop, current, special or discount events, up-to-date menu card and list of beverages, preset SMS, “secret” telephone number, on-line currency rates, ...), videos or a photo gallery. Therefore there is no chance for a user to  forget the address of the website.

A common goal of our customers, cities that use our services and DARUMA is to interconnect current information about the range of products, services and tourism products from the whole city and its surroundings, and to create a comprehensive and modern presentation right “in the street”. This cooperation is traditionally well organised and a variety of opinions and approaches of individual participants is respected. A new “community” may generate impressive results an individual or a small group cannot hope for and collective contents are more beneficial than a sum of individual, partial and independent presentations.